Climate Research

By: Jenny Tapia

Invertebrate & Human Impact

-An animal lacking a backbone, such as an arthropod

- It is the way people effect the earth and it's natural balance

Heather, Mountain Gold

- It is a tiny, needle -leaved shrub that has yellow flowers. It usually grows about six inches tall, in clumps from 4-8 inches across. The flowers appear in mid- June.

Habitat-They usually grow when they are exposed to quartzite cliffs at elevations of 2,800-4,000 ft.

Why should we be concerned? & what can we do to help

We depend on the diversity of plant and animal life for our recreation. Vegetation on popular high mountains have been destroyed by trampling humans. Don't collect or buy plants that have been collected by wild populations.

How can farming decrease biodiversity?

Due to the increase in the land cultivation , plant and animal diversity life is at risk. The effects of farming on biodiversity depend greatly on agricultural practices than on technology used for plant breeding.

Why might farmers want to limit pesticide use on crops?

They are harmful to humans if they are taken in large amounts. Some people would rather buy organic products.

How can deforestation decrease the biodiversity of an area?

Deforestation can result in natural disasters or even accidental fires. When trees are removed/destroyed , the species living in that forest loose their habitats, and some are not able to survive with the change. When plants/animals die to the result of deforestation , biodiversity of the area decreases. When there are fewer species in an area that means a less biologically diverse environment.

How would the draining of a wetland to make way for a residential development affect the wildlife that lives in that area?

Wetlands bring habitats to a variety of plants and animals. They also help moderate flood waters and they help improve water quality.

Why should we work to restore the wetlands on the coast of N.C?

We should work to restore the wetlands on the coast of N.C because they can help improve on the water quality.