By: Jordyn Figgins

Why you should join

It is fun and you get to hang out with your friends that don't live in the same town. You also get a lot of exercise during the summer when you're not doing anything. Practice starts at 10:00 a.m. so you get an early start to your day. When we have games we leave pretty early depending on where we are going. The games start at 10:00 am. Now is your opportunity to play at a harder skill level because most of the team that we play are challenging. There is an eight grade and seventh grade team and if your good enough you can play at eight grade level. It is a really fun time and it is a great idea to join.

Learning The Game

You learn!!!

When you join SWV Middle School Softball Team you don't just play like you did in youth softball you learn how to figure out what you are supposed to do by looking at what signs the coaches give you. You learn how to slide and steal if you don't already. You learn the rules of the game so you can play properly.

About the team

We aren't serious all the time when we take a break we make sure we have fun and we are always laughing. You will have a great time.