PA Library Weekly

Week of November 4, 2013


We received a plethora of new fiction books in the past couple weeks. Encourage students to come down and have a look!

Books include:

  • Allegiant by Veronica Roth (the final
  • The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer (sequel to The House of Scorpion)
  • The Caged Graves by Diane Salerni
  • And many more!

I'll be putting in an order for some more in demand fiction books soon!

Picture Book Month

Although we don't have a large selection of picture books in the library, they provide great learning opportunities for students K-12 when introducing topics, engaging students with anticipatory sets, and more.

Here is a post from the Nerdy Book Club about the Top 10 Picture Books for the Secondary Classroom:


Last week we had a lot of collaborative efforts occurring between the librarian and classroom teachers!
  • The 5th graders are talking about DCF Books.
  • Barb Brody and I are working together on a Driver's Education research project. In November, we will be working on her classroom webpage!
  • Sixth grade students received an introduction to the library and came back for a science research activity!

Please see me or send me an email to discuss how I can support you and your students.

Tech Tip of the Week

Next week we're going Google in the high school. If you are inclined, feel free to log into your new account and look around.

A neat Google search tip: While searching Google, using two periods (..) between two numbers to express a range of things like date, measurements, and prices.
Ex. Movies 1950..1970

That's a fun fact I didn't even know!

Coming soon...

  • The Boy on Cinnamon Street book discussion group with Stowe- a special event for 6th graders-November 20
  • International Games Day- November 16
    ALA states this day: "focuses on the social and recreational side of gaming. Gaming at the library encourages patrons of all ages to interact with diverse peers, share their expertise, and develop new strategies for gaming and learning." (
    Unfortunately, I will be away at the National School Librarian Conference that day so we are not hosting an event at PA this year.