Welcome Class of 2025

Welcome Class of 2025!

We’re extremely excited to welcome you to TVHS. You’re part of the family now! Each year right around this time we welcome the future Golden Bears to campus to show them around, to give them a taste of all that TV has to offer, and to provide them a glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the Golden Bear Family. Obviously we can’t do that just yet, but that opportunity is right around the corner.

Below you'll find our Virtual Spring Expo which includes some short videos welcoming you to the Golden Bear Family, describing the athletic programs offering, sharing a bit about our activities, and clubs, introducing the counseling team and much more.

We highly recommend you click on the videos, check out the links provided and then join us on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3 (5:30-7:30PM) on ZOOM. You can stop by any of the Zoom meetings throughout the 2-hour time frame. You'll find links at the bottom that can be used to meet with some of our Golden Bear staff, coaches, teachers, advisors, and even some of our current students. They'll take your questions and share with you what they love about being a Golden Bear.

March 3 Spring Expo Zoom Links

You'll find the list of all the groups and programs that are available on Wednesday (3/3) to take your questions right here.

TVHS VAPA Programs

TVHS has a many amazing Visual and Performing Arts programs available for students to get involved in. Yes, they are part of a student's 6 period day, but they're so much more than that. Some require auditions, but ALL are listed on the '21 - '22 Course Selection Form. Check out the clip below to see what TVHS Band, Choir, Guitar, Dance, Orchestra, Ceramics, Drama, Stage Tech, and Art programs are all about.

TVHS VAPA (Spring Expo)

The CTE Pathways

Temecula Valley offers 6 comprehensive Career & Technical Education pathways. Each pathway offers students an opportunity to build upon their learning and experience. For those that complete all 3 years, they have the chance to work through internships and gets some amazing hands-on training. Each pathway is available to 9 -12th grade students though most will begin with the introductory course. The video below provides a glimpse into each pathway.

Course Selection Information

We've got the answers to all of your questions about course selection right here.

TVHS Athletics

TVHS offers an impressive 23 athletic sports with multiple levels per sport making up 3 packed seasons. Some require tryouts while others are considered non-cut and open to any student interested in joining. Most of the Fall sports will begin tryouts at the very end of the summer. You can keep up with all of those dates, get contact info for our coaches, and complete the athletic clearance process (required to tryout) on the TVHS Athletic Webpage.

Mr. Califano, the TVHS Athletic Director, is joined by Coach Esposito, our Varsity Head Football coach, and some of the impressive Golden Bear athletes to welcome you to the family.

TVHS Athletics

Activities & Clubs

There are so many opportunities for students at TV to get involved. Beyond athletics there are a number of different activities and many, many clubs. Some are part of your 6 period day (ASB, Yearbook, JROTC) while others take place solely during lunch and after school (Sports Medicine, Cheer, and clubs).

There's way too many options to share right here, but we'll like to let our students and staff tell you a bit more about a few.

A few of the activities require applications and determine rosters prior to Spring Break.


The roster of clubs varies slightly from year to year, but you can find a current list HERE just to get an idea of what's in store. You can also get a bit more information by jumping to the ACTIVITIES Section on our course slides.

TVHS Activities & Clubs

Golden Bear Counseling Team

The TVHS counselors will be working with each student to assist with course selection. Ms. Garza, one of the amazing Golden Bear assistant principals, provides an overview of the counseling department and the course selection process. You can also find more information on the TVHS Counseling Webpage where you'll see the course catalog, information about course selection, and tons of useful info.

The counseling team will be meeting with all 8th graders at Temecula Middle School and Margarita Middle School in mid-March. You can get all the details and directions right HERE.

TVHS Counseling

AP Human Geography

There are so many engaging and rigorous AP courses offered at TV for students to look forward to. The number one AP course offered to freshmen is AP Human Geography, in which students will explore how humans have understood, used, and changed the surface of Earth. They'll use the tools and thinking processes of geographers to examine patterns of human population, migration, and land use.

** If you have more questions you can speak to your counselor or talk with the teacher,

Mr. d'Ablaing on March 3 during Spring Expo over ZOOM.

AP Human Geography Promo Video

Dual Enrollment Courses

Temecula Valley is proud to offer a variety of Dual Enrollment courses in conjunction with Mt. San Jacinto Community College in which students can earn both high school graduation credit while simultaneously college credits. These course are an amazing opportunity to gain college experience. Mrs. Kinney, one of our TVHS counselors, gives us more information below and you can also peruse the TVHS Dual Enrollment Webpage for all of the detail.

TVHS Dual Enrollment Program

QUESTIONS? Join us on March 3 (5:30-7:30PM)

If you have further questions or you'd like to meet our amazing teachers, coaches, advisors, and some of our current students we encourage you to join us on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3 for our Virtual Spring Expo.

Representatives from our CTE and VAPA courses will be present, in addition to our Athletic Director, counselors, many of our teachers, and students and staff from many of the activities and clubs.




* Click HERE for the specific links and a list of which groups will be present.


You'll find the list of all the groups and programs that are available on Wednesday (3/3) to take your questions right here.

Course Selection Process

Prior to meeting with the TVHS counselors each student should have their Course Planner filled out. During your meeting you will review your course selections. For more detail please reference the Class of 2025 Course Selection Presentation.

The counselors will be at MMS starting 3/8 and at TMS beginning on 3/15. In addition, they have times scheduled with the other middle schools throughout Temecula following Spring Break in April.

Welcome to the Family!

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