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I am so excited to be back working with you all, and hope you are excited to be back as well. As you can imagine, we have had to make some changes our concert schedule, however we do have some unique opportunities this semester.

I am always away at the Texas Music Educators Conference and All State Performances in February, but this year those events are not happening. Instead we will be having a Valentines Day Concert on Saturday February 13th. This is a concert we have never done before, and we may never be able to do it again.

Also the Mark Wood concert will be released very soon, and I hope you will all enjoy it. It is truly amazing to see what you all were able to accomplish in the fall.

Finally I am looking forward to our End of the Year Movie Concert on May 15th. I hope this to be the first concert with a live audience. Stay tuned for more details on that front.

This newsletter also contains all the information about our holiday concerts, so please make sure to read the WHOLE newsletter as there is A LOT of information contained in it.

Stay Healthy and Warm- A. Michaelson

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Spring Semester 2021

  • January 22nd, 7PM: Electrify Your Strings Concert with Special Guest Mark Wood Concert (Premiere on Facebook and YouTube)

  • January 30th: UIL Region 9 Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contest

  • February 13th, 7:00 PM Valentine's Concert Live Stream (on Facebook)

  • March 26th, 7 PM: Chamber Orchestra UIL Preview Concert (on Facebook)

  • March 31st: Chamber Orchestra competes in UIL Concert and Sight Reading Evaluation

  • May 15th 7 PM Night at the Movies Concert (TBD if this concert is a virtual or in person event. We hope that we can safely have an in person audience, but will make the decision in late April)
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Valentine's Concert Live Stream

Saturday, Feb. 13th, 7pm

6101 Research Forest Drive

The Woodlands, TX

More Information will be coming your way soon but here are some of the Major Details:

Who is involved: Students is Symphony, Concert, and Chamber Orchestras

WHAT TO WEAR: Black Dress Pants, Black dress shirt, Black Shoes, black socks, with a red, or pink accessory (tie, boutonniere, flower, scarf, etc.) Girls can wear a floor-length black dress or skirt

WHAT TO BRING: Instrument, and Music.

Can Parents Attend?: Sadly NO. Due to Covid restrictions we are not allowed to have an audience at this time.

Where can I see the Concert?:It will be streamed live to our social media channels.


Symphony Orchestra 3-4:30 PM

Chamber and Concert Orchestras 5:30 PM

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In this assignment you will make a music video using your playing skills, creativity to create an epic music video over a Valentine’s Day Concert of your choice. Make it your own and be the next YouTube sensation like Lindsey Sterling, The Piano Guys, 2 Cellos, or Black Violin. This video could be part of our holiday concert! If you choose to do this assignment, you MUST complete all parts to receive credit. Your video must include the following:

  • Learn to play a romantic, valentines themed piece of your choice or a classical solo by ear, or from music you find online at places like: jwpepper, sheetmusicplus, musescore, or noteflightmarketplace
  • Make a Music video to the song you chose. YOU MUST HAVE A BACK TRACK OR ACCOMPANIMENT. You can use a recording of the song, a backtrack, a karaoke track, or have a pianist accompany you.
  • Be creative. You can use anything available to enhance your video, include members of your family, your pets, a back track, digital effects, special instrument skills such as “chopping”, any available technology or anything else you can imagine. Also think about backgrounds, props, and costumes. The more creative the better.
  • Your video will be graded both on musical quality, and the amount of effort you put in. Make sure what you wear, your background, and the lighting you choose to you use add to the video quality and don’t distract or take away from your video.
  • If you film on a cellphone or tablet, it MUST filmed with the phone or tablet held horizontally.
  • You can work in groups if you choose to do so.


Assignment 1/Week 1: Jan 11-15

  • In a document, write the name(s) of the holiday piece you chose and the original artist, and who is going to be in your video.
  • In the same document, write an explanation or outline of what you are going to include in your video and the creative elements you plan to use.
  • Submit the document for director approval. Once you have director approval for your piece, make sure to purchase it
  • Start learning the piece.

Assignment 2/Week 2: Jan 18-22

  • Continue to learn the piece(s)
  • Start working on the music video: What is your choreography and background going to be? Find a backtrack, and Costume.
  • Submit a clip of your music video to show your progress on the music and talk about the logistics of the videos.

Assignment 3/Week 3: Jan 25-29

  • Continue to learn the piece(s)
  • Start working on the music video: What is your choreography and background going to be? Find a backtrack, and Costume.
  • Submit a clip of your music video to show your progress on the music and talk about the logistics of the videos. What have you finalized/ changed from the week before.

Assignment 4/Week 4: Feb 1-5

  • Finish learning the piece(s)
  • Start work on final videos
  • Submit a full run through of your piece(s) or your completed Music Video(s)


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Solo and Ensemble will now occur at THWS SR CAMPUS in the Orchestra Room on Saturday January 30th. Practice times with the school accompanist will be announced soon. Students will be assigned a time, and will then need to arrive at TWHS 30 mins before their performance time, and plan to be picked up immediately after they perform. Parents are not allowed into the building due to district restrictions. STUDENTS MUST BRING AN ORIGINAL COPY OF THIER SOLO OR ENSEMBLE WITH THEM TO BE ABLE TO PERFORM!
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Sectionals are resuming the 1st week of February, and will run through the end of April. All students in Chamber, Concert, and Symphony Orchestras need to attend sectionals.

Mondays: Basses 3:15-4:15

Tuesdays: Symphony Violas 3:15-4 PM, Concert and Chamber Violas 4-4:30 PM

Wednesdays: Symphony Cellos 3:15-4 PM, Concert and Chamber Cellos 4-4:30 PM

Thursdays: Symphony Violins 3:15-4 PM, Concert and Chamber Violins 4-4:30 PM

Attendance at these sectionals is mandatory, and worth 2 major grades over the 9 weeks. Please make every effort to attend. If you have a conflict you can attend the other time for your instrument to receive credit. If you know you must miss because of a school competition, talk to Mr. Michaelson at least 7 days before. Other club meetings or practices, tutoring Sessions, test make ups, work, and routine doctors appointments will not be counted as excused absences. The sooner you talk to Mr. Michaelson about any sectional you need to miss, the better off you will be.

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We have had a real problem with late work during the 1st semester, from both in-person and virtual learners. Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Michaelson can no longer spend the time to chase down missing work.

In order to maintain some flexibility and grace for students, but still allow Mrs. Gordon and Mr. Michaelson to retain some of their sanity and do their jobs in a timely fashion, the Updated Late Work Policy will be as follows:

  • Assignments will continue to be due on Fridays at 11:59 PM for all students whether virtual or in person. After that it is late.

  • Students will have until 11:59 PM on Sunday Night following the due date to turn things in with no penalty.

  • From Midnight Monday Morning through 11:59 PM Monday Night 10 points will be deducted.

  • From Midnight on Tuesday Morning through 11:59 PM on Tuesday Night another 20 points will be deducted for a total of 30 points off.

  • At Midnight on Wednesday Morning the assignment will no longer be accepted, and will turn into a zero.

If you have a serious reason for why you will not be able to complete your work within this timeframe, i.e. a death in the family or a hospitalization, please send MR. MICHAELSON an email to discuss.

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Orchestra Fees Are Past Due

Orchestra fees were due in September. We still have several families that have not paid or contacted Mr. Michaelson. As you all know, we do minimal fundraisers other than this fee, so it is imperative that every family contribute. Please email Mr. Michaelson at with any concerns or financial issues.

This fee can be paid online through CHARMS under the financial tab. If you need to send a check please contact Mr. Michaelson to make arrangements. Please pay this fee or make payment arrangements as soon as possible.

Pay your Fees on Charms

Schoolcode: woodlandsorch Password: student id #

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Join Our Remind and Stay Informed

TWHS Orchestra Directors will be using REMIND to communicate again this year. Many people have still not signed up for the remind, and are missing critical information. This is our primary means of communication.

Please download the app or text the correct code to 81010


Senior Campus Parents: @twhsorchp

9th Grade Parents: @orc9parent


Chamber Orchestra: @01chamber

Concert Orchestra: @02concert

Symphony Orchestra: @03Symphony

Camerata Orchestra: @04camerata

Philharmonic Orchestra: @05phil

TWHS Orchestra Directors