What is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomists are people trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. The duties of a Phlebotomist include properly identifying the patient, interpreting the tests requested on the requisition, drawing blood into the correct tubes with the proper additives, accurately explaining the procedure to the patients, preparing patients accordingly, practicing the required forms of asepsis, practicing standard and universal precautions and performing the skin/vein puncture, withdrawing blood into containers or tubes.

Needles and blood

Training and Educationn requirements

A two- or four-year degree is not required to practice phlebotomy. Typically, phlebotomists can start their careers after four months to a year of education. However, before you pick up your first vacuum tube, you should consider where you want to end up. Certain degree programs will offer you more opportunities for advancement than others.

What is the demand for this field?

Anything in the medical field is in high demand, some more than others but the medical field is always in demand.

Earnings a year and related occupations

$11-$17.76 an hour and $39,950 a year. An RN can draw blood also you just have the option to stay just a phlebotomist or go back to school for two or three more years to become an RN and make more money.