VCR Presentation: Lesson 6

Huong Ngo

Guess the Word

Domestic dogs are _________ under the canidae family, which includes foxes, wolves, jackals, dogs, and extant or extinct dog-like mammals.
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The word is SUBSUME!

tr. v. To place in a larger category or under a general heading or principle.

(Think of an umbrella)


sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptum (L.) "to take," "to obtain"

sub (L.) "under"

Other forms

subsumption, n.

subsumable, adj.


classify, include



Answer for exercises

7A 2. B

7B 3. D

Things that can be subsumed are...

-Neo-Baroque, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic under Revival era in art around the late 19th century

-Sonnet, shi, haiku, ode under poetry


Chose the correct usage of subsume in the sentences below.

a) Crimes in Bones such as contract killing, crime of passion, misdemeanor murder, depraved-heart murder are subsumed under homicide.

b) Bones refers to her fingers as carpals, metacarpals, proximal phalanges, intermediate phalanges, and distal phalanges whereas the average person will subsumed them as the hand.

c) Jade argued that oligarchy is subsumed under aristocracy.

d) When his friend said he likes pop, rock, R&B, classical, and country, Matt fixes him by subsuming them under all music, saying, "You are a lover of music."