By Brylie and Aaron

How is biomass found and how is it used!

When animals eat plants , and through the digestion and excretion process , they turn it in to biomass , and we use biomass like this the heat genarated by the burning of biomass can be used for space heating .

The advantages of biomass!

Biomass used as a fuel reduces need for fossil fuels for the production of heat, steam, and electricity for the residential industrial and agricultural use. It focuses on the four primary non-food sources of biomass: energy crops agricultural...can be used with the reducing the availability of food crop or increasing the amount of land.

Biomass is the most abundant in !

The disadvantages of biomass!

Expensive: Firstly it's expensive. Living things are expensive to care for, feed, and house, and all of that has to be considered when trying to use waste products from animals for fuel.
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The harmful effect to the earth during the process of collecting biomass!

    Biomass energy relates to the energy created by organic matter. Biomass is formed when the sun shines on plants and trees. Previously wood used to be the main source of biomass, but today other sources are also used such as the waste from industries and cities. Biogas or methane is produced from the decomposition of biomass and sewage. The capturing of this gas is useful because of its effect within the greenhouse effect.

    Pros – utilising waste materials to produce energy reduces the impact that their treatment or disposal of would otherwise have on the environment. The fuel tends to be cheap. Places less demand on the Earth’s resources.

    Cons – Collecting the waste in sufficient quantities can be difficult. Fuel is still being burnt so this is still generating greenhouse gases.