The Fight for Mexican Freedom


Facts You Should Know

The freedoms that Mexican-American people have today had to be fought for. People like Cesar Chavez caused a great deal of change with strikes and protests during the Chavez Movement. The National Farm Workers Association helped with the treatment with working conditions and pay for Hispanics. The Chicano Movement was another movement that caused many changes in America dealing with the civil rights of Mexican-Americans. One of the main things the Chicano Movement helped change was the way Hispanics received education. In many of the strikes and protest for Mexican-American rights police took actions and people often ha to pay for fighting for what they believe in but they didn't give up.

My Purpose

The reason i chose this is because a lot of people say the Mexicans are taking everything from the American people but they don't realize that the Mexicans had to fight for what the have. I don't believe its right for them to come to American and live off the government but if they come over here and work to support themselves I see no problem with it. People need to be more educated about something before they run their mouth about it so that's why i chose this topic.