The Selection

Kiera Cass


America Singer lives in a world with eight castes.Ones are the wealthiest and eights are the poorest. America is a five and she recently received a notice stating that Prince Maxon is searching for a Queen. America has no interest in entering the competition, because she has been secretly dating Aspen, a six. Americas mom bribes her into the Selection by offering to let her keep half of what she earns. Later on in the story America and Aspen have a argument in their meeting. America enters the selection and is chosen. The Selection is where 35 girls from different castes try to win the Prince's heart. Eventually America falls in love with the Prince and he falls in love with her too. While all of this is going on the rebels start to attack the palace and things don't go as planed. Who do you think will win the heart The Prince or Aspen her old love.

More information about the characters

America Singer- She is a suborn lady and lives in a family of six with the exception of her older brother. She is a five in the castes.

Aspen Ledger- A nice guy that always takes care of his family and has known America for a long time. He is a six in the castes.

Prince Maxon- He is a caring guy that always puts his people first and than himself. He is a one in the castes which is Royalty.

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Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass is the #1 Bestselling author of The Selection. Most of the book she has wrote are based on The Selection Series and she is making another book called The Siren and it will be out soon. She is planning to finish The Selection series which has continued on with the daughter of the chosen Queen and the King the Princess.

Information About the Book

If you think this series is about princesses and dresses you are wrong this book is the total opposite if what you think their is a little of everything. Romance, Thriller, and A Love Triangle. If you like this book try to finish The Selection Series. This book was the total opposite of what I thought when I got I and this book was way better than I had expected.

The Siren

A little information about her new book. Kahlen is a Siren she lives in he ocean she lures humans with her voice which is deadly to any human who hears it. Akinli is human a handsome guy who's everything Kahlen dream guy. If the fall in love it can be dangerous.(Cass) this book comes out January 26, 2016

The Selection Series

The Selection Series is not completely finished it still has one book called The Crown and it comes out May 3, 2016. This book is the final book of The Selection Series of the Princess.