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Self made underground King of New Orleans, E.D.Nix releases an appetizer for his fans, from his third solo project Sözè. The 23 year old mogul in the making has developed into one of the budding stars of the entertainment industry. In the 48 Hour Film Projects' Beaucoup de Force Nix stepped into the role of Music Supervisor. Since the August release of the short film by 3517 Law Street Productions, Nix's company Grande Scheme GG and the team have worked tirelessly on such projects as Neutral Grounds; which provide cinematic visuals for Sözè. An official tracklist and release date are coming soon; but here are 7 tracks sure to hold your attention. Music Videos and trailers for Sözè are in production as well so stay tuned!


NEUTRAL GROUNDS - Episode 1 {Shrimp & Grits}
On Mondays and Wednesdays E.D. Nix is a radio personality on New Orleans' first black owned station WBOK1230AM. The show Sports Revolution boasts an audience of 60K plus on an average day. Influenced by the jazzy heritage of his hometown while raised in the classic nineties era, Nix introduces what he likes to call the "New Age Hip Hop" genre to the masses with his first two projects "On My Way Home" (Oct 2011) and "Higher Earning" (Mar 2012). The highly anticipated street album Sözè makes a smooth transition into mainstream offering catchy hooks, yet staying true to real life experiences, while engaging Nix fans.

"Expand The Best Brand"

Make no mistake Ed is not your average "rapper" he's also an extremely, shrewd, businessman and a very witty merchandiser. The New Orleans rapper is supported by such brands as BXBC Luxury, the legendary DJ EF Cuttin, 2520 NYC, Hip Hop DNA,The Cigar Factory, Mixtape108 and The Urban Push Movement for a start. You might want to catch the wave or be left facing the wrath of the Tsunami that is starting to grow in size with every tweet, every status update, each blog post, record sale, and concert. Don't get caught left out, because you have the choice to get on board now. Keep your eyes open and expect your ears to continue to be treated with care because from now until forever E.D. Nix will be everywhere.

Contacts & Credits

Production credits: Philthy Phil, Heavee2Times, EF Cuttin, Prospek, Jon Mercure, and Rayvon.
Featured artist: Suave c/o Guerrilla Publishing, Doon c/o Bout Fetti, Dee Low c/o Monstabeatz and Heata Best c/o Frsh City.

Executive Producers: E.D.Nix, Grande Scheme & Philthy Phil, MDP 1771.