Gabriel Alvarez


Sexting is the action of sending someone, unknown or known, pictures of themselves inappropriately undressed. Sexting has been a problem around the world and people who start it don't stop and cause more of a problem to themselves. Sexting is mainly caused by younger teens under the age of 18 yet very few of adults do it. People sometimes do their best to prevent it from happening and they do succeed but others have a hard time trying to stop it due to the person starting it continuously begging them to try it or more seriously forcing them.

Society Problem/Social Problem

Sexting is considered a social problem because teens who are doing or have done sexting keep it a secret making it build inside them, teens who do sexting don't say anything to anyone because they don't want to suffer the consequences. It is also known as a people problem because if someone does sexting then it affects others because it may cause a problem in their life. When someone asks someone if they ever have done sexting and they say they don't despising the fact they have done it hide it to keep it a secret and don't get in trouble. When someone figures out the person has done sexting they try to say that its a misunderstanding or they didn't mean to but it makes it more difficult for the person to get the idea out of their head.

How Sexting Can Be Fixed

Out of the majority of the world, people try their best to prevent themselves from doing sexting and do succeed but still have the thought that later in the future it will happen continuously. There are some ways you can stop sexting from preventing to you. You can talk to your parents and ask on how to handle a situation like that when it happens. Avoid the situation when it happens, such as to not reply to the person who is talking to you and ignore them, but if they keep on begging or forcing you to do it then just easily block them to prevent them from going on. If you start the conversation, ask yourself if you really want to do this, if not then easily stop the conversation and don't return to it. There are many other ways you can stop it from happening, lets see what you can come up with to stop sexting. How Will You Stop Sexting From Preventing?