what year was it made in

What did people do before videogames?

Before videogames, people played with dolls and anything to find around the house. Some other thing they did before videogames was do soap box derby. Soap box derby started in 1933 when Myron Scott saw 3 little boys racing down a hill in wooden cars that they made.

What is the first videogame?

In 1963, William Higinbotham had a annual visitors' day where everyone would come and see all of the stuff in his lab. Higinbotham thought that all of the stuff their was boring or dull. So he made a plan that was to catch all of the peoples attention, so it took Higinbotham a couple of hours to think of the idea of a tennis game.
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When did videogames really go off?

1987 was known as the Golden Age when the game Space Invaders came out. But in 1990 is when videogames grew big with technology become more advanced. Games that came out were adventure games and the first installment of Simcity. And also FPS games were popular.

What are games like today?

A decent game takes a lot of money to make and a lot of time to make. Just look at GTA5. GTA5 is a free roam game that is pretty big if you think about it. But the game started development in 2009 and released in 2013. It took that long to make a basic free roam game
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What if video games didn't exist?

If video games didn't exist, some people wouldn't have jobs. Also life would be pretty boring and technology wouldn't be more advanced. Life would be miserable and everyone would be angry. And also we would loss a form of entertainment