how to work your show to get the most out of it!

The 10-3-2-1 of your show!

The goal of every show is to achieve the 10-3-2-1.

10 guests

3 outside orders

2 potential hostesses

1 potential stylist

Achieving the 10,3, 2, & 1 is all hostess coaching. It is all about getting your hostess excited, creating a partnership together, over inviting & making multiple points of contact to get people to attend.

Hostess Coaching: Here are my key steps in hostess coaching to get as close to the 10-3-2-1 as possible!

1. Be sure to discuss her invitation list & your invitation process. It is important to discuss WHY you want to invite so many people. Use the Social Mixology sheet in the lounge to help her think of different groups of people. This time of year when people's schedules are more flexible this is very important.

2. Send her invitations about 12-14 days in advance. If you send out longer then this it is too far in advance and people will forget. I suggest using Mini-Lookbooks with a label with hostess show info on it & I would use our new email invitations in the lounge. Also create a facebook event. This is a great extra & should NOT be your main way to invite people.

3. When I make my second hostess coaching call, I tell her my goal is to have 10 people there. With 10 people we can have a really great show and get her wishlist for free. So heres how I want her to get 10 there, I encourage her to call her top 15-20 guests on her list a few days before the show.I give her the words to say "hey sarah I hope you can come to my stella & dot show tuesday night, we are going to have a great time, Ashley showed me a necklace that I think is so you. We have to catch up too! If you can come why don't you bring your mom/sister/friend from work too? Ashley, our stylist, is going to do a giveaway for anyone who brings someone. Looking forward to catching up tuesday" Simple, easy. I do offer her a small incentive to get the 10 people there. We will also do the RedStamp text but I think the phone call 4-5 days before the show is key.

Getting outside orders with a trunk show

Here are my ideas on collecting outside orders:

1. Include 2 extra catalogs & order forms with her hostess packet. Encourage her to bring you those 2 order forms when you arrive at her show. Co-workers, neighbors or friends who can't come can order this way.

2. I give her 3 extra catalogs & order forms after the show as well. I challenge her to collect 3 outside orders in the weeks following her show. I try to keep it in the same month as her show. Much longer then 2 weeks, people are probably not going to order. You can also give her a loaner tote of jewelry to bring to work & show people to encourage them to order as well.

3. Send out a smore flyer after the trunk show to anyone who said they could not attend or did not attend. I usually get at least 1-2 orders this way.

4. Remind her of WHY she wants to get to a certain $$ amount. This month with the hostess bonus your hostess wants to get to that $500 mark to get that extra $50

5. Be sure to stay in contact with her--I usually check in every few days like on Monday and then on Thursday or Friday. Remind her why she wants to get some extra orders, how close she is to the next level, anything else exciting happening.

My personal goal is to get every show I have this month to at least $500. I want my hostesses to get that extra $50 bonus & this will only move my business forward. I hope you will join me in this goal! I hope this helps you all increase your attendance, sales per show, & hostess rewards!

xo Ashley