The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By:John Boyne

About the Book

Bruno is a boy that is 9 years old. He and his family had to move to Out-With. (Auschwitz) They had to move because his dad was a german soldier. Bruno did not want to move because he had his best friends for life at his old house in Berlin he also like the size of his house. When they got to there new house Bruno realized that there was really nothing to do here then he got even more upset.

In the middle of the book Bruno decide to make a tire swing just for something to do but when he got done building the swing he was on it and fell off he had scraped his leg pretty bad. So there Jewish helper Pavel came outside and picked Bruno up and brought him inside then Pavel bandaged him up but Pavel was NOT supposed to do that. When Bruno's led started to heal he decided to go on an adventure while he was on his adventure he had met a Jew named Schmuel.

Toward the end of the book Bruno continued to visit Shmuel daily. Then one day Bruno went to visit Shmuel and Bruno crawled under the fence. then Bruno and Shmuel went looking for Shmuel's father and then they were pushed into the gas chambers and died.