Human Rights Violation in Libya

By: Jacob Furr

Inhuman Torture

Around 8,000 detainees held in relation to the 2011 armed conflict are still in detention facilities; around 3,000 of these are held in government custody, the rest by militias. Most have no access to lawyers or judicial reviews. Militias were responsible for continuing widespread abuses, and some deaths, in custody. One example of this is when civilians were roaming around at night and then some militants came over and started shipping them for no apparent reason. Second example is when a few civilians talked badly of the militants so they exicuted them in from of all the people of the town.


In conclusion, the problem will probably not fix it self out in a few years. To fix the problem it will take many years and a rework of their government. They will need a new leader because the current one isn't doing much to help out the country. I don't think that the U.S. should come help Libya because we have helps out a lot.