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Back-to-School Update

I am looking forward to another wonderful year of music learning with the students! I am teaching 5K and 1st grade this year at Ixonia. I will be keeping up this music blog as a way to communicate the happenings of the music room. Watch for grade level features throughout the school year. Updates will be sent via email.

Concert dates, curriculum, and rules of the music room are included in this blog update.

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2015-2016 Concert Date

The 5K and 1st Grade Holiday Concert is on Thursday, December 10th at 6:15 p.m.

All students are expected to attend the night performance.

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Music Room Agreements

Rules of the Music Room

(Ixonia Falcon Rules)

1. Be Safe

2. Be a Learner

4. Be Kind

5. Keep Everyone in Mind

This looks like…

1. Taking care of our things (instruments, pencils, clipboards, carpet squares)

2. Following directions

3. Good Listening

This sounds like…

1. Using the right volume level

2. Musical sounds

3. Kind/honest words

This feels like…

1. Home (Welcoming/Friendly)

2. Believing in Each Other

3. Safe/Comfortable

4. A Place of Learning

5. Fun!

Consequences for Individual Behavior

When a student breaks one of the rules of the music room, I will say:

Yellow-1st time, Orange-2nd time, Red-3rd time

When I say red, the students must go back to the reflection chair and think about two questions:

1. What did I do to get in the reflection chair?

2. What do I need to change to be successful?

After class, I speak with the students and call home after school.

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Music Curriculum

Here are the concepts the students and I will be working on this year.

Kindergarten- Speaking vs. singing; Keeping a steady beat; Moving to classical music; Playing hand-held instruments (like rhythm sticks, sand blocks, and hand drums).

1st Grade- Singing and reading melodies with so, mi, and la; Chanting and reading rhythms with quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests; Learning about musical form (AB or two-part form).

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Mrs. Sherry Jenkel

I teach general music at Summit Elementary and Ixonia Elementary (5K and 1st grade).