Endangered Animals

Tasmanian Devil


The Tasmanian Devil belongs to the mammal family. Tasmanian Devil means Harris's meat lover.


The Tasmanian Devil looks like a black and white fur ball. It has a long black tail, sharp teeth and long whiskers.


The Tasmanian Devil lives in Tasmania, Australia. They are mainly found in the coastal scrublands and forests.


The Tasmanian Devil is a scavenger, which means it eats dead animals flesh. It also eats wallabies and baby kangaroos (joeys). The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivore so it doesn't eat plants, only meat. It is also a cannibal so it eats other Tasmanian Devils. The Tasmanian Devil also eats sheep, cattle and other farm animals.


The Tasmaniaian Devil runs very fast on all four legs.


The Tasmanian Devil gives birth to live young. They are pregnant for 5 weeks.

Other Interesting Facts

There is a disease which is now threatening the Tasmanian Devil. It is called Devil Facial Tumor Disease or DFTD. Devil Facial Tumour Disease causes tumours to form in and around the mouth, interfering with feeding and eventually leads to death by starvation. This is one of the main reasons the Tasmanian Devil is endangered today and may be extinct in the future.