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September 19, 2019

We think it is important for all of us to know about our Collectively Bargained Agreement. The contract is the rule book for our Employer/Employee relations in our district. The Education Code defines what we can negotiate and what areas we can consult. Here is a link to the Scope of Representation. Each month we will highlight a section of the contract in the Contract 101 section. Check out our initial installment, Article 10 - Leave of Absence, below.

Article 10 - Leaves of Absence

This article defines all the different kinds of leave of absence that are available to members and how to access these leaves. The most asked about part of this section is 10.8 Personal Necessity Leave. Please take the opportunity to read through this section and send us any questions you may have about it. Contract 101 is a hot link to the CBA.

10.8 Personal Necessity Leave

Personal necessity leave will be charged against the unit member's accrued sick leave. Each unit member is entitled to a maximum of seven (7) days in any school year. Ed Code 44981

10.8.1 Personal Necessity Includes: Death of a member of the immediate family (as defined in Section 10.3.3), this is in addition to normal bereavement leave. Accidents involving the person or the person's property, or the person or property of a member of the immediate family as defined above, of such an emergency nature that the immediate presence of the unit member is required during the workday. Illness of a member of the immediate family, as defined in 10.3.3, and of such a nature that the immediate presence of the unit member is required during the workday. An attending physician’s or practitioner’s verification of the immediate family member’s illness may be required if the unit member requests to be absent more than two (2) consecutive days.

10.8.2 Unit members will earn Discretionary Personal Necessity Leave (DPNL) days based on the formula that follows. DPNL are leave days that a unit member may use at their own discretion without providing written or verbal justification for such leave. Unit members will earn DPNL days based upon the number of sick leave days accumulated as of August 1st, inclusive of allocation for the new school year. DPNL days may not be accumulated or carried over from year to year and may only be used provided that qualified substitutes are available. The following scale will be used to determine the number of available DPNL days:

… One (1) to thirty (30) days accumulated sick leave = three (3) DPNL days

… Thirty-one (31) to sixty (60) days accumulated sick leave = four (4) DPNL days

… Sixty-one (61) to one hundred (100) days accumulated sick leave = five (5) DPNL days

… One hundred-one (101) or more days accumulated sick leave = seven (7) DPNL days.

If, prior to the end of the term of the contract, either party indicates that this arrangement does not meet the operation or fiscal needs of the District the parties shall return to the table to develop alternative models that meet the mutual interest of the parties or return to the prior categorization of these leaves.

10.8.3 Personal necessity leave including DPNL shall not be used for the following: political activities or demonstrations, vacation, recreation or social activities, extension of a school holiday or vacation, a convention related to such member's avocation, civic or organizational activities, unit member's Association activities, spouse's business, profession or avocation or pursuit of business interests or other employment. Nothing in this Article shall be deemed to authorize the use of leaves for the purposes of withholding services. Ed Code 44981

NVEA/NVUSD Committee Work

Have you had the time to check out our NVEA/NVUSD Council Committee Matrix? This document has current information about Council Commttees and where they are in the IBPS process.

Look for your site NVEA/CTA bulletin board for current news! Canyon Oaks is Rocking it!

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Fun Friday the 13th!

Over 70 of our members were able to attend the Fun Friday Social last week. Information from The Standard and from California Casualty was shared with attendees. Please join us at our next event. Watch for details!