My Future

By: Guillermo Herrera


  • I would like to become a psychologist
  • I'd have a flexible schedule since i would set my own hours
  • Avg salary of 68,280
  • I need a bachelor's and a doctoral degree with my license and take post doctoral residency programs
  • Hiring process includes advertising for the position, recruitment efforts, training and interviewing, pre-screening and on board procedures

College/Trade school

  • I would love to attend Ole Miss
  • Ole miss is considerably big with its 3 apartments 12 residential halls and 2 residential colleges
  • B.A in psychology which is what ill need for the job i want
  • I would like to have a dorm
  • The avg GPA is 3.46 avg SAT requirements are at 1091 and a ACT at 24
  • To pay for my education i would like to get a scholarship for my athletic abilities in baseball but if that does not get me anywhere id have to resort to a loan from a bank


  • Japan is my go to vacation
  • Kyoto is the more ancient of cities in japan with beautiful temples lakes and shrines everywhere you go
  • Avg cost of ticket to Kyoto is about 1,000 to 1,500$
  • Avg hotel in Kyoto is 60 to about 100$ a night
  • My way of transportation is by foot no matter where i go
  • Speaking about attractions Kyoto is all about them i would go anywhere and everywhere knowing their is something to see every corner of the way
  • Avg meal or inexpensive food cost about a buck or 100 yen

Future living places

  • My top place to live is right here in Texas as by far to where i don't know yet
  • A 30K annual income
  • About 26 million people live in Texas
  • Magnolia creek apt charge about 500 for a 1 bedroom apt
  • As by far to security i feel like the only necessary actions will be to buy extra locks and a safe

Car options

  • If i had a choice a e30 m3 is my pick when it comes to cars
  • Cost around 40 to 50K
  • If anything i feel more comfortable with a open-end loan
  • My good credit will help with the car loan so i wont have to worry too much about it
  • After i receive my loan i will establish the price i am wiling to pay and maybe negotiate and then pay for the car
  • If i do need a cosign for a loan i will make sure i am responsible and pay back monthly so i can lift my credit score and my family/friends

Monthly budget

  • My car will be a giant paycheck of 1,000$
  • Gas wont be as much but still i bet id be spending about 40 to 50$ on gas trying to conserve as much gas as possible
  • I spend about 60$ monthly on my phone
  • For my health insurance its about 500$ monthly
  • I think 2 or 300$ a month for my groceries
  • 200$ monthly for my bills

Various life skills

  • Sadly i will need my moms help to get my own bank account but i can assure you i will be with bank of america
  • For my credit card i can just make sure i complete my balance transfer and pay off my card on a monthly basis without missing any payments
  • Calculated from my data-rich credit report my credit score will have to be 580 for the cons in good credit score even tho if my credit score is below 580 it does not mean i cant qualify for a loan but i wont be able to get some advantages like others
  • Around the age of 65 i will retire and live off my life savings
  • Check number routing number my payee the date signature all that important stuff
  • Money orders go up to 1,000 with a small fee but ill just be able to send it to anywhere with my local post office
  • Job interviews are easy as long as i stay cool and know what i'm saying give my resume and make sure i get to know my employer since ill be working with or for them for a long time