Rose Miller


Rose and her pets.

I have three dogs, one boy and two girls. Max is the only boy. Ellie has black fur. Max has gray fur because we got him with black fur but it has fadeed into gray. He is also the oldest. Last but not least, Daphine. She has brown fur. We also have two boy bunnys, Hunter who is my brother Will's bunny, and Dell who is my older sister's bunny. His name was Delihla but it turns out he was a boy bunny and not a girl so now his name is Dell. To me, my brothers are pets because I have to clean up after them and make them be quiet and I kind of control them if they're bad. They also beg me to make them lunch or breakfast because they don't want to do it themselves, even though they can make there own food. Sometimes they can be really evil. Even though i know they're not pets, I still think they are in my world. I love all my pets and my brothers.

My parents.

My mom makes the best cup cakes in the whole world and you will get to try some near September twelvth. I'm not sure what cupcake but you'll know when it's time because I'll be wearing a big fuffy skirt. My dads cool too you know. He is so smart it is not even funny. That make me remember he's funny too. My dad used to be a big nerd. But I love both my parents.

My sister and brothers!

Things that Rosie loves!

I love being upside down and I love rain. I like poping my nuckles and dancing . One of my favorite places is on the computer so this assignment is fun for me. Now I am going to tell you, I don't love this thing, but other peole do. They think my laugh is funny and my sneeze is adorable! I don't get it all. Don't get too mad at me but I only play one video game a day and sometimes I think that TV is a waste of time.