3H Class Newsletter

February 7, 2014

Happy February!

Dear 3H parents,

It's been a cold few weeks, but February got off to a great start, and we're excited for our upcoming Valentine's Day party! Please find out more about our week here.

Check Out What We've Been Learning!

Writing: We wrapped up our unit on personal narratives by having a writing celebration with Ms. Bucceri's class. We prepared our stories to be presented to others by reading them "through someone else's eyes". We learned that good writers always make sure they said exactly what they wanted to say on the page. During our celebration, we did a wonderful job of finding nice things to say about other children's work. We also started our new writing unit: informational writing! We've already decided on topics, brainstormed everything we know about our topics, gathered some research materials, and thought of different ways to organize our table of contents.

Reading: We took on the two challenging skills of discerning between fact and opinion and identifying story structure. We decided that something is a fact if it can be looked up and proven true or false. We looked for facts and opinions in Jump!, a story about Michael Jordan. We also thought about story structure while reading The Science Fair. We discovered that identifying the setting, characters, and problem are pretty easy, but explaining the whole plot in three parts can be challenging. It helped up to think broadly of the beginning, middle, and end.

Math: We prepared for and took our Unit 5 test, which required us to have an in-depth understanding of place value. We also started Unit 6 where we've been learning all about geometry. In our last lesson, we learned the difference between lines, line segments, and rays. We made up symbols with our bodies and played Geometry Simon Says to help us remember the terms!

Science: We've added both water and vinegar to our five unknown chemicals. We observed the reactions carefully and use scientific words to describe them such as opaque and translucent instead of opinion words.

Social Studies: We started to learn about landforms and the different landforms around the country. We also learned about the difference between weather and climate and thought about how an area's climate affects the jobs and activities people do there.

*Highlight: some girls in third grade were lucky enough to have lunch with Katie this week and last week. Two girls in each of the third grade classes were chosen at random and enjoyed some quality time with her!

Writing Celebration!

We had a writing celebration with 3B to share our personal narratives. We shared our hard word in small groups so we had the opportunity to hear many stories. We're really excited for our upcoming informational writing unit!

Important Reminders!

  • Our class goes to the book fair Monday, February 10 at 10:00 am
  • Please make sure your child is practicing his/her multiplication facts every evening. Starting Friday, children will be taking a 100 question mixed-fact test. Fact speed is very important.
  • Please make sure your child is reading each evening!
  • On Thursday night, children will now have one Journey's workbook page that reviews the weekly skill for homework.
  • Don't forget about our Valentine's Day party this Friday, February 14!

Upcoming Specials (Week of 2/10/14)

Monday - Day 6

Library (Book Fair!!) & Art

Tuesday - Day 1

Spanish & Phys. Ed.

Wednesday - Day 2


Thursday - Day 3

Health & Computers

Friday - Day 4

Spanish & **Valentine's Day Party (2:00)

Upcoming Dates!

February 10 -13 - Book Fair

*We will be going on Monday, February 10 at 10:00. Don't forget money if you would like to purchase books!

February 14 - 2:00 pm Valentine's Day class party

*please make sure your child makes a valentine for every person in our class

February 17 - No School - President's Day

February 18 - School - Make Up Day

March 3 - 7 - Read Across America Week