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SUMMER EDITION /Issue 20/August 16, 2020


It's WEEK 8 of the Summer Journey of Faith; we are hearing great things from families who are trying the science and craft projects, teens who are creating their own videos and adults who are reflecting from the Hammock! Enjoy this week's featured video and our photo gallery below and click on the website button above to take your own summer tour! This week's highlights: Improve your prayer life through family crafts and games and be amazed by what God can accomplished, highlighted by a cool science experiment!
Mark 15:21-28


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St. Pius X taught that true humility places one in need of the Eucharist. This is why he changed when Catholics first receive Communion. By receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, we become more humble before God.

What Is It?

Humility is the acceptance of who one is, recognizing one’s humanity.

Humility does not discount one’s gifts, but it accepts that those gifts are from God.

Humility combats the sin of pride.

Live It Out!

Make a list of your gifts, and then think of others who share those gifts. Notice that while others may share gifts with you, no one shares all of them in the same measure.

Accept help this week if you need it, and offer it if you have the opportunity.

Putting Others First | A Sunday School lesson about humility


Genuflecting to the Tabernacle

When we enter and leave a church where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle, we genuflect by placing the right knee on the ground and making the sign of the cross. Genuflecting is an ancient way of showing respect and deference. When meeting your king, you might genuflect with your left knee, for instance. God alone, was genuflected to with one’s right knee.

By genuflecting we are not only recognizing the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, we are also showing Christ’s place as our Lord. Everyone from Pope to peasant genuflects to God – it’s an act of humility that St. Pius X understood very well.

Can you find time this week to visit a church and pray (even briefly) before the tabernacle?


Spend some time in prayer with this beautiful song
I Shall Not Want - Audrey Assad


Tip of the week: Go out in the yard and do some cloud watching; it's not just for kids!

Stress can melt away when we watch clouds. Look for shapes, movements, pictures; watch the clouds race or stay still. Feel your tension slipping away!!

No time to sit under the sky? Use this drifting clouds meditation to quiet yourself before prayer or silence.

Worry Free - Drifting Clouds Meditation


Celebrate Mother Mary by making these beautiful cookies!

Do you have a garden? it's also a traditional time to bless your harvest and make a meal from your bounty!


Do some lunges this week!

Lunges can help you build a stronger and more stable core; they can also reduce stress on your spine which is often cramped due to looking at screens much of our day!

Need more of a challenge?

Hold a heavier object while doing the lunge (Water jug, text book etc.)

Click on the link below to learn about lunges for kids!


Yesterday was the Feast of the Assumption; it is a Holy Day of Obligation which observes Mary's ascent to heaven at the end of her life. Try making this beautiful lantern to continue the celebration of Mary all week long in your house!


For Children: "The Tower" by Richard Paul Evans

A young man wishes to be great. He believes he will achieve his goal only when everyone in the village looks up to him. So he constructs a wooden tower that reaches to the clouds, but soon he becomes lonely. Read to find out how he learns humility

For Teens: Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints By: Colleen Swaim

The stories of eight young souls who became Saints!

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