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Dear Stoneleigh Elementary Families,

The staff and I wish to thank you again for the support and understanding throughout the fall virtual learning environment especially after the ransomware attack in November. We are proud that within 3 instructional days the BCPS Office of Technology provided means for teaching and learning to continue. BCPS will continue to update all stakeholders as the technology office continues to solve items, daily. All information related to recovery from the cyber attack will be communicated directly from the Office of the Superintendent it will not come through the individual schools or myself.

At this time the safest way to communicate with teachers and staff continues to be through the Schoology email application as shared by BCPS. The Outlook email system is active and staff have been directed to not open emails from unfamiliar or unknown senders, from unfamiliar email addresses, seem unusual, or are flagged as spam. We have noticed some emails from parents are coming in to the Outlook email flagged as spam. As always allow staff 48 hours to respond to emails and/or phone calls, we do our best to respond within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours please contact the school and leave a voice message at 443-809-3600.

School Messenger, also known as ConnectED, is not available to the school at this time. This is the system which allows individual schools to communicate directly with their families through phone calls, emails, and text messages. My apologies if my lack of communication made you feel as if I was not prioritizing keeping families connected with the school and each other. Once the system is available our individual school communications will resume through phone calls, emails, and text messages. Information continues to be posted on the school Twitter account @StoneleighES, shared through homeroom teachers, and through PTA communication avenues.

Wishing you well.

Ms. Hollenbeck

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Grade Level School Counseling Courses

Ms. Kaminski and Ms. Leaf have created a school counseling course for each grade level kindergarten through 5th grade. The course provides a location for student and family communications and lesson content specific to each grade as we push-in to classes conducting monthly lessons.

Most students have already added the course with the help of their homeroom teacher and Ms. Leaf or Ms. Kaminski. In case your child has not yet added their course the codes for each grade level are below:

  • K code: 7RG3-J2BJ-HC753
  • 1st code: NHGH-K62G-WRSV9
  • 2nd code: MD3Z-45JC-4XST8
  • 3rd code: WWZX-CNN4-HZXX5
  • 4th code: 98X6-63KW-7425N
  • 5th code: ZWT4-VCWP-FQW69

Important School Counseling Curriculum Information

As part of our School Counseling Program, your child’s class will be participating in a counseling core curriculum lesson during the month of January on personal safety and decision-making. The lessons are based on Baltimore County Public Schools’ Personal Safety Program K-5: Making Healthy Decisions curriculum. This program includes age appropriate information on body safety, neglect and abuse prevention strategies, and highlights the importance of telling a trusted adult about uncomfortable situations. The goal is to help children be better able to handle issues of personal safety should they arise.

Keeping your child safe is a priority to all of us at Stoneleigh Elementary. It is our hope that these lessons will help to reinforce the information and strategies you have already given your children, and that your family can discuss together the important information presented in these lessons.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the program. Mrs. Kaminski (K-2 counselor) can be reached via email at Ms. Leaf (3-5 counselor) can be reached via email at

Stoneleigh Elementary Equity Work With Students

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Over the past few months and moving forward teachers and students will be having conversations about race and racism using stories as starting points to help students explore the topics of identity, race, and structures in our current society designed for the social emotional maturity of each grade level. There are many ways to help students develop pride in their identity which include, but are not limited to classroom read-alouds, assigned novels, and specific activities which engage students in applying critical-thinking skills while learning about a variety of life experiences.

Make sure to ask your child about the identity art work which they have been engaging in this year. We continue to be amazed by the creativity and talent of all our students. Have your child talk to you about the artist they are studying and have studied as they add to their abilities. Stoneleigh visual art teachers are and will continue to include diverse artists in the curriculum that reflect the racial make-up of our community.

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2nd November FAQ Session

Thank you to all the families that joined the Stoneleigh Elementary PTA and Ms. Hollenbeck for the second PTA meeting of the 20-21 school year which included a FAQ section. During that time, Ms. Hollenbeck answered 8 questions posed by families. The questions and responses are provided below for your reference.

1st FAQ Session (October) Updates

In an effort to keep the families of Stoneleigh Elementary up to date additional information is available for a few questions which were part of the first October FAQ PTA session. The question and new information is below.

4. Since the renovations, the school grounds have been muddy and hard to use for recreation. There's also a great outdoor space under the old oak tree. Could the PTA partner with the school to build an outdoor classroom/improve school grounds?

BCPS Office of Facilities Construction and Improvement assigned a project manager for the drainage investigation at Stoneleigh. Several communications from neighbors were received sharing that there is a large amount of drainage from the school property onto their property during large rain storms. As a result, BCPS hired an engineering consultant to investigate this problem and determine potential solutions. The engineer was on site Wednesday, September 30, 2020 for a field visit/investigation.

5. Can you explain grading for the year? Last year was pass/fail is that an option for this year or are our kids being held to the same standards that they would in a traditional in-class learning year?

Within the BCPS Re-opening Plan it states "Student attendance will be recorded daily and teachers will follow traditional grading and reporting procedures for student work and assignments." Later within the document it states "Teachers will take student attendance daily and will adhere to traditional grading and reporting procedures as outlined in the BCPS Grading and Reporting Procedures Manual."

Minor assignments will count for 70% of the overall grade/achievement code and major assignments will count for 30% of the overall grade/achievement code.

6. What do we know/what can we anticipate about in person learning? Will working families be given a heads up in a timely manner to prepare? Who can we contact within the Board of Education to voice our concerns?

From the Reopening Plan "In preparation for phasing in hybrid learning at some grade levels, outreach will focus on helping parents make an informed choice between continuing with 100% virtual learning and opting for a mix of in-person and virtual lessons. We will also help families prepare for new routines and expectations at school, including checking for symptoms at home, social distancing, and wearing face coverings on BCPS property. Throughout the coming months, BCPS will seek opportunities for students to promote healthy messages and habits.'"

Key Dates:

  • February – June 2021: If it is safe to do so, BCPS will implement a hybrid instructional model

In accordance with guidance from MSDE and MDH, BCPS staff will implement its reopening plan when the county positivity rate is 5% or lower and the cases per 100,000 residents is below 15. The reopening plan includes a gradual return of small groups of students, targeting students who would benefit most from a return to in-person learning with in-person and virtual learning. Full-time virtual learning will remain an option for parents.

There will be a minimum of two weeks in between each staff and student reentry phase to monitor and respond to changes as necessary. Prior to student return to buildings, parents will receive a letter that highlights screening procedures and the system’s mitigation strategies.

Comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. to the identified email which is

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