Flute Recital

By: Brooke Peterson


Monday, April 20th, 9:30am

Discovery Middle School, 40th Ave s

Louis Claude Daquin

Louis Claude Daquin was born July 4, 1694 in Paris, France. Daquin was a French composer of Jewish ancestry. He was a really good organist and harpsichordist. Daquin a prodigy childhood he was one of the premier organist of his time. At the age of 12, he became an organist at the Sainte Chapel. Daquin wrote set of 4 suites for the harpsichord , also wrote a serious of Christmas carols. In 1722 got married to Denise Therese Quirot.

Word Bank

Treble clef= It indicates the position of the notes on the staff.

4 = The top 4 is 4 beats per measure. Bottom 4 is that a quarter notes gets 1 beat.


rit= A n' tardando is gradually getting slower.

Mezzo Piano= Medium Soft

Mezzo Forte = Medium Loud

Forte= Loud

Fermata= Holding a note.

slur= A curved line which connects notes at different pitches.

Crescendos= Gradually getting louder.

Multiple Measure Rest=