The Rock Springs Massacre

The Brutal Killings on The Chinese People In Wyoming

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The Chinese Building Railroads

They had to run, and still rebuild their lives. People died making these tunnels through rock, and railroads on hot days. Once it was finished, 1,200 people died and jobs, vanished. After the railroads were finished, they had to leave to find more jobs. The white man took away their freedoms, and the only life they knew. The railroads were the only source of income for the Chinese. But, it was very little to begin with.

Rock Springs Massacre: Today In History

Today In History, The RSM

Their homes and land were destroyed from the attack of the white people from a week prior. The Chinese were forced to escape the town because the Military made them leave. The people were moved 30 miles east of Rock Springs Wyoming. They began to dig tunnels and make railroads. The Chinese became very ill from the cold and hot environment and the hard work every day and night. The white folk were working them way too hard.

The Chinese were on a train going to San Francisco. They were forced to get in a car in move down the tracks that they built. The people that did this stayed in their towns and desrtoyed their propertys and brought the trains back.


IN 1885, Wyoming passed a law to deport all of the illegal Asians in the state. Since most of the Chinese in the area were illegal immigrants, they were forced to leave or do hard labor. These people had to hide from the white people to survive. Or else, they would be deported or have to do unneccisary work for little to no pay. It was a sad, hard working, horrible life.

The murders

In 1884, they killed 28 people in the murders. They had no regard for these peoples families and lives. And, many more people were injured in the massacre and labor.

The white man was cruel to the chinese. They threatened to beat, rape, and kill their people, and could do much more damage if they wanted to.


It ended in a horrible, and messed up way. It should have never happened the way it did.

They past a law in 1882 so that they could stop any immigration from china.

Chinese people were abused from the day they came to the west to settle.

The white folk were coming to take all their goods. Towards the end, everyone was distraight about what had just occured.

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