Parkside Elementary Fourth Grade!!

May 23rd - 26th, 2016

Upcoming Dates and Events...

Thank you to all of our family members that have served our country!!

May 23-

2nd & 3rd Grade Honor Roll Students Morning News Dance 8:10 AM (Parents Welcome)

Talent Development Showcase 8:30 AM

May 25 –

3rd Grade EOG Reading Test

May 26 –

3rd Grade EOG Math Test

Pre- K & Kindergarten Field Trip to Riverbanks Zoo

May 27 –

No School- Teacher Workday

May 30

No School – Memorial Day

May 31 –

4th Grade EOG Science Test

June 1 –

4th & 5th Grade Reading EOG Test

June 2 –

4th & 5th Grade Math EOG Test

3rd Grade EOG Retest

Life of a Single Mom Meeting @ the Mallard Creek Rec Center 6:30 – 7:30 PM

June 3-

3rd & 4th Grade Social Studies EOG Test

5th Grade Science EOG Test

Hope Awards

June 6

EOG Make Up Testing

Field Day

5th Grade Celebrations Begin

June 7 –

3rd Grade RTA Test

Kindergarten Graduation 8:30 AM in the Gym followed by reception @ 9:30 in the Media Center

Pre K Moving up Ceremonies 9:45 AM in the gym followed by reception @ 10:45 in the Media Center

June 8-

2nd Grade to Park 9-11:30

5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 6:30 PM

June 9-

2nd Grade EOY Celebration 8:30 in Gym

Last Day of School Report Cards Home

We are still in need of a few more proctors for June 1st and June 2nd from 8:15-12:45.

4th grade
* Tuesday, May 31st – 4th grade Science
* Wednesday, June 1st – 4th grade Reading
* Thursday, June 2nd – 4th grade Math


This week in literacy will consist of review games and activities. In the games we will be reviewing EOG terminology, question stems and literary skills. Students will be bringing home their NC Ready book for nightly homework (this will replace their 40mins of nightly reading). Please check agenda nightly to note which passage/pages students should work on and due dates.

Ms. Roth is hosting a TD reception for the parents of certified and catalyst children on 5/23/16 . Parents of the invited students should have received an invitation last week for this event.


This week in math we will be reviewing for the EOG's. For our mastery cycle, we have one more review section for fractions: equivalent fractions. All test corrections will be due on Wednesday. Please continue to check in on your child as they work through their EOG Prep homework. These are great questions that will help prepare them for the test.

Science, Social Studies and Health

Students continue to review for the Science Common Exam by completing various study guides. They are doing awesome and have more confidence now than ever before! My Science Kids are terrific:)

Our major project will be due and I know the students will be excited to complete the poster about their new animal species.

Social Studies will continue to be a review along with some quick in class readings.

In health we will be reviewing what to do this summer to stay safe!

Testing Tips and Ms. D's Advice...

My best advice is Normal, Normal, and Normal! If your child does not normally eat pancakes, don't eat pancakes. Do not move your child's bedtime to something very early or they will toss and turn instead of getting a good's night's sleep. And the best thing for normal is to be calm and relaxed the day of testing. The calmer you are the more relaxed your child will be for testing.

The Night before the Test

* Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before the test.

* Plan ahead to avoid problems before the test so he/she doesn’t go to bed upset.

* Be encouraging – let your child know you think he/she will do well on the test.

The Morning of the Test

* Have your child get up early enough to avoid hurrying.

* Make sure your child has a good breakfast the morning of the test.

* Have your child dress in layers so that he/she doesn’t get overly hot or cold. Comfort is important!

* Please be sure to have your child at school ON TIME! If testing has started, students coming in late will have to make up that test at another time. Being on time creates less stress on testing mornings.

Working with students who are anxious about testing

* Try not to put too much pressure on the student. Reinforce that as long as they worked hard in preparation and did their absolute best you will be proud of them.

* Have the child visualize success. Encourage them to rehearse what it will feel like to get a good score on the test.

* Work with them to focus on breathing. Stress is often caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain. Work with your child to take time before the test begins to take a number of deep breaths, exhaling slowly.

* Avoid cramming the night before a test. Cramming is rarely if ever effective. A longer, more systematic schedule of short reviews will prepare the student better.

* Plan for a fun outing or treat for your child after the test has been completed.

* Keep a positive attitude about testing in general around your child and emphasize their ability to demonstrate what they have learned rather than the consequences of not passing.