The Bad Me

Jordan Adamson

Life as a Thug

The beginning

  • Born in Akron, Ohio May 4, 1995.
  • Growing up he got into a lot of trouble
  • By the age of 16 he was sent to a correction center for selling drugs
  • he was there for six months and when he got out he was worse than before

  • By the age of 18 he had joined the 213 gang in Akron
  • By the age of 20 he was second in command of one of the largest gangs in history
  • After three years he was now in full command with his brother as his right hand man
  • He had now accumulated a rep for killing 13 people and drug trafficking
The Run

  • He was head of the gang for eight years now and the F.B.I is tired of his drugs on the streets
  • Jordan caught word the the feds were coming for him
  • He decided to move to Brazil where he could escape and get the police on his pay roll
  • He brought down his brother and left his third in command in Ohio to get more people and keep the money and drugs flowing
The High Life

  • After three years on the run he now basically owns Brazil and everyone is on his pay roll
  • He was king of the largest gang in the world
The Death

  • After 7 years he had gotten word that his gang in Ohio had been over thrown by one of his own members by the name of Michael Schwalm who dispised Jordan
  • Jordan sent his brother Jay who had already murdered well over 150 people to deal with the matter
  • When Jay got to Ohio he was ambushed and gunned down by ten members from his old gang
  • When Jordan found out he went mad with rage
  • Jordan flew to Ohio and was met by the same people who gunned down his brother
  • Jordan killed them all and didn't stop there he went around trying to find the man responsible for the death of his brother
  • He went to a childhood friend and gang member with by the name of Vincenzo Luciano son of Luciano family
  • He told Jordan where the man was and handed him his fathers gun that was pure platinum with Luciano engraved on the barrel
  • Jordan asked if Vincenzo would help him and Vince agreed
  • They went to the old Adamson mansion to meet Michael
  • There was an ambush waiting for them at the door
  • After an exchange of gun fire Jordan was shot twice and Vince was hit three times
  • He thought it was over until he saw a picture of his brother and he went mad with rage
  • He then gunned down everyone there
  • He helped Vince to his feet and they then walked to the main office where Michael was sitting with three men with m4's
  • Guns went blazing by the end Jordan was shot 32 times before he drew his last breath Vince was shot 27 and Michael was shot once right between the eyes by Jordan
  • Before Jordan died he said five words he said "Jay ill see you soon

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