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Twin Tornadoes

Twin Tornadoes Hit Pilger, Nebraska

Twin tornadoes hit the small town of Pilger, Nebraska on June 16, 2014. The two tornadoes nearly flattened the small town, killing two and injuring nearly two dozen people. One of the tornadoes was rated an EF-4 on the Fujita Scale, with winds as high as 200 miles per hour. They came from the same supercell, which produced a total of five tornadoes in northeast Nebraska that afternoon. Matt Crowther, a veteran storm chaser for The Weather Channel, said, "This was very unique in my experience."

Twin Tornadoes

Twin tornadoes are a strange phenomenon that scientists say they see only once every 10-20 years. Since no two tornadoes are alike, there are many ways a double tornado can form. A common way is known as the occlusion process. A tornado starts to dissipate when it gets wrapped in cool, moist air--but in some cases, there is still enough energy in the storm to create another tornado.

By: Isaac