Who will be infected?

Exponential Functions in Biology

Theme: Evaluate

Make judgements based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing possible solutions.

Don't Catch It!

A new flu virus is introduced when a stranger visits an isolated village of 8,000 people. Every infected person infects two more each day.

a) Write an exponential function to model the number of uninfected people.

b) Determine how many people remain uninfected after one week.

c) After how many days will the entire population be infected?

How does this problem address 'Evaluation' in Bloom's Taxonomy?

  1. Will the number of uninfected people increase or decrease?
  2. How quickly does this virus spread?
  3. Will everyone in the village be effected?
  4. How does this problem apply or relate to real-life scenarios?
  5. What factors may contribute to the virus spreading to everyone?
  6. What will people need to do in order to stop the spread of the virus?
  7. Did what you expect in this scenario occur?