By: Natalia Pedraza

What unique holidays does Bolivia celebrate?

Colorful festivals play an important role in the life of Bolivians. The festivals feature parades, feasts, and elaborate dances. The festival dancers wear brightly colored costumes and masks.

How does being landlocked effect the people there?

Being landlocked effects the people because of the natural features that make transportation difficult. Since transportation is difficult, It has hampered with the country's exports and people are losing money.

Is Bolivia rich in natural resources? Do the resources make them wealthy?

Bolivia has a wealth of natural resources including minerals, oil, natural gas, pasture land, timber, and fertile soil. However, these resources have not been used effectively to produce economic growth. As a result, Bolivia has one of the poorest economies in Latin America. Many Bolivians live in poverty.

How and when did Bolivia win their independence?

During the early 1800's, the Venezuelan general, Simon Bolivar, organized an army to fight for the independence of Spain's south American colonies. In 1824, Bolivar sent one of his generals, Antonio Jose de Sucre to free Bolivia. In 1825 Sucre's forces defeated the Spanish and Bolivia declared its independence.