The typewriter

By: Sophia Beckwith

Quill Pen - Sixth Century BCE

People used long feathers from turkey, geese, and swans. Before they wrote with the feathers though they had to be dried. After that all the oily materials had to be removed because it would interfere with the ink. After all the things they had to do they could then write with them.

The Printing Press - 1440

Johannes Gutenberg was the genius to invent the printing press. His invention split all the text into it's individual components. Such as lower and upper case, letters, etc

Steel Point Pen - 1830

In 1830 a man named James Perry was granted a patent for a steel point pen with a small slit in the top of it. The slit provided a slow and steady flow of ink.

Typewriter - 1808

The first typewriter proven to work was in 1808 by Italian Pellegrino Turri for his blind friend. The only thing is that people don't know what the machine looked like. After the first proven typewriter in the 18th century inventors kept trying to invent a better typewriter. It was finally done in 1873 by Sholes and Gidden.

Selectric Typewriter - 1960's

This typewriter no longer had type-bars. Selectrics used type balls that did a bunch of different things such as rolling, tilting,etc. This typewriter was huge when it came out because with regular typewriters they would get jammed. With this one it wouldn't get jammed and it also increased typing speed.
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The First Computer - 1946

The first computer ENIAC was introduced in 1946. This computer is not like the computers today. This one was as big as an entire room, hundreds times bigger than the modern computer.
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The First Keyboard - About 1970's

The first keyboard was built and sold around the 1970's. This keyboard took a very long time to make. The reason is that it had to be put together by hand, piece by piece. After they were done putting it together it was very heavy especially because it was fully mechanical. These keyboards for the computers were not built to be aesthetically pleasing. They were built for engineers and programmers,etc.
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The Personal Computer - 1981

These keyboards were first built in the mid - 1970's. Two people created the first small PC's. These were also built piece by piece, also they were only provided the bare essentials. There were no hard drives or floppy discs or anything fancy.

Membrane Keyboards - Around the 1990's

The first membrane keyboard was introduced around the 1990's. People liked these keyboards a lot more because the keys were light, and quieter. Plus the manufacturers were happy because it was lot cheaper to produce.
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Flexible, Thumb Sized Keyboards - 2010

These keyboards came out in 2010. They are very popular, but not the best for using. We make things now more for looks not for the use. For example the typewriter was a useful item for writing, but the flexible keyboard is all about the look. It may be a little useful, but I mean why do you need it to be flexible?

Impact Post

This invention was very important in the 1800's. The reason is that the typewriter was the first typing machine during this time that was at home. This had a huge impact on people's lives because they had never seen something like this before. This was the first typing machine for personal use, in 1873. This was a big typing machine, but as time went on they made it better. The only thing is that during this time is was made for writing. The inventors made it to be useful for programmers, engineers,etc. The keyboards we have now are practically useless. They are made now for the looks.


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