What monkeys eat

Their favorite food are bananas but is that true

The myth that people believe

Where ever you look at a picture of a monkey it's holding a banana. Us humans don't only eat one food. We have many choices like bananas as one of our choice. Other animals don't only have one choice but many varieties of food. So why only monkeys with one food or is that even true.

Not only BANANAS

What to feed a monkey and it said fruit and vegetables. Such as mango, apple, papaya, grapes, and BANANAS. The vegetables are carrots, cucumber, fennel, onions, cauliflower, tomato,and lots more. I mean bananas might be their favorite, but people can make them hold something else than bananas.
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What should happen

So when you take a picture of a monkey make it hold other foods rather than bananas. Or even don't make it hold nothing.Such as a mango, papaya,and other fruits.No more thinking of bananas when your thinking about monkeys. No more monkeys holding bananas. And no pictures of them doing that.