This Star Won't Go Out

The Life & Words of Esther Grace Earl

Esther Earl

A beautiful young, intelligent girl had to face one of life's greatest illnesses, Thyroid Cancer. Although the cancer was slowly taking away the life of Esther, she managed to stay strong and shine. Her faith and personality gained the love of many, one including the famous writer John Green. She opened up her life and her story to the world and was an amazing example of how to be grateful of every moment you are given and to be happy.

Her Light

Esther had managed to personally impact many lives, including mine. Her light is beyond inspiring, and her testimony of how she lived makes me, along with many others, understand that life is honestly one of the most beautiful gifts we are granted. Her story showed me many things; like how having cancer or any type of disability does not mean that happiness has come to an end. It's the complete opposite, it means that you have to find the happiness and the good parts of life while living with the condition. Not only people who live with an illness, but people who go through personal problems also.

She Was Just Another Teen

While reading, "This Star Won't Go Out," I noticed how Esther was just any other regular teenage girl. She talked with friends, online friends or real friends they're still friends. She would think about boys and how she wanted to kiss one. She also goes through emotional situations too, she admits that she's not brave nor strong all the time and that's normal. Not everyone has to feel ready, sometimes we break down; but the good thing about Esther is that she found a way to make herself stand up everyday and keep moving forward. Esther had a loving family who stood by her and treated her with care and gentleness, but didn't let her sickness become the only thing she was.

"Just be happy, and if you can't be happy, do things that make you happy. Or do nothing with the people that make you happy." -Esther Earl

"The pain sucks so bad, but it always goes away."

When Esther said this on her journal, page 140 in the book, it impacted me how right she was. Sometimes the pain we go through everyday might suck and be very painful and might feel like it has lasted for an eternity; however, it always comes to an end. There is a due date to the pain.

John Greens Friendship with Esther Earl

At a Harry Potter convention, John and Esther began their friendship. They began talking through Skype and through social media and their bond grew. However, John in the book explains how he wishes he could've been there more as a friend and help for Esther. They both loved writing and talked about books, especially Harry Potter, and they were very happy the little times they actually got to spend time together. John Green wrote the book, "The Fault in Our Stars," inspired by Esther and the character, Hazel Grace, is a small glimpse of who Esther was.
nothing more than feelings (vid 7/August 9)

Esther's Death

On August 25, 2010 the 16 year old cancer fighter lost her life. Although it was a tragic loss to those who greatly loved her, her death was not in vain. Through her story she gave millions of people hope and energy to keep on battling.