McDonald's Documentary by Morgan Spurlock

Thesis Statement

The documentary "Super Size Me" shows what could happen to a person who eats fast food on a daily basis and its outcome of it.

Purpose of the Film

The purpose of the film is to show the effect of fast food restaurants. In the film McDonald's is chosen since it's the world most popular and biggest fast food restaurant.

1st Example

Weight gain is one of the effects of fast food. Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald's for 30 days and 3 meals a day. He gained 24 lbs in just 30 days in the documentary.
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2nd Example

All thought McDonald's is good, its not the best choice. It's unhealthy since it doesn't give you the nutrients you need in your body. McDonald's is a fast food restaurant and will make you gain weight and will eventually cause you to have health problems.

3rd Example

Eating fast food on a daily basis can be like a drug. It can turn to be addicting to the point where you cant stop eating it. Morgan Spurlock admits that after a period of time in the film, he was addicted to eating McDonald's more than once a day. In which resulted a bad thing for his health.
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As a conclusion, the documentary "Super Size Me" by Morgan Spurlock, it proves that McDonald's and other fast food restaurants are not healthy, are addicting, and causes health issues. This proves that people who eat fast food and a daily basis are not aware of what they are eating until they have a health issue.