Saanvi's Daily Reflection

All about the learning at lee

January 5, 2016

January,15 2016

Today was GRATE day we had a spirit rally, we saw cap stacking and some deseners when there were in the 80's. We had lunch with our grade

January 19 2016

Today was a good day I got to do reflex math and it was hole group even if it was not Monday and Mrs. Williams tolled us that her cat has asthma I feel bad for the cat and Mrs. Williams because she had to wake up early to take the cat to the vet.

January 20 2016

Today was a good day for me because we did not run. I fell off my bike and got

January 25 2016

Today we did a really fun Kahoot it was about revising and editing.

February 5 2016

Today was bad in the beginning but my friends made a lot better they are so nice (: it's the 101 day of school Mrs. Williams didn't put 101 d

February 8 2016

Today was a good day in recess because Michelle and I were a new game that we made but I still want to play soccer with my friends. We did a math problem that was meant for 7th graders and we solved it. In PE I got hurt with the jump rope my finger still hurts but I will start felling better. Tomorrow is the Valentine's Day party I am so excited for it !!!! I hope tomorrow is awesome.
The best part of my day was when we did reflex I know I do it every day but it is really fun okay