Out With The Old, In With The New

Tech Tip Thursday #37

How do we stay on top of the newest in technology?

People ask me how do I stay abreast of the latest technologies used in classrooms. My reply is, "I stay on top of it and do my research, but I still feel left behind". When I began teaching back in the dark ages, I was one of the first teachers to have a mini computer lab in my classroom for students. I was so excited. Smart boards and document cameras didn't even exist! Now, well as they say, out with the old, in with the new! This week's tech tip will be on what is already there, but we need a little refresher on how to use it.

Dawson Education Cooperative Technology Equipment Check Out

Did you know that your school can check out technology equipment such as 3D printers, iPads, Coding kits, etc. free if your district is part of the Media/Technology Consortium? You can go to our check out system, select your materials, and we will deliver, setup and even work with your students on how to use the materials. What better way to incorporate technology into your classroom with the latest tools!

Arkansas IDEAS and Lynda.com

If you aren't familiar with Lynda.com, you need to be. Arkansas Dept. of Education has provided it free to all licensed teachers in the state of Arkansas! What is it? Lynda.com, you can discover and master classroom technologies and practices to help your students succeed. Come explore the latest education tools and learn how to use several of the most popular learning management systems in your classroom.

How Do I Sign Up For The Free Account?

To access the Lynda.com learning libraries, click the link below and enter your ArkansasIDEAS username and password.

Arkansas IDEAS Login to take you to Lynda.com

If you receive an error on the Lynda.com page, simply log out of the ArkansasIDEAS LMS. Clear your browser history. Log back into your ArkansasIDEAS account and click on the Lynda.com link again.

What Else Can I Get From Dawson's Media and Technology Dept?

Want classroom posters? Want us to videotape you for National Board Certification? Want us to come and fly over your school and videotape with the Drone? Want suggestions on how to set up a Makerspace? Want action video of students in athletic events? Want to collaborate with another teacher via Zoom or an entire group of people via Zoom? We do all of that! Just contact us at Dawson and we will set you up and it's all free!

Tonia McMillan, Technology Coordinator

Specializing in providing PD for instructional technology.