Instructional Tech Talk

March 18, 2016

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Padlet allows students and teachers to express their thoughts on a topic easily. Think of it like an online bulletin board where people can put images, videos, documents, and text anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device. The basic version is totally free.

Use it with students:

  • KWL chart
  • Build a visual timeline
  • Post book reviews
  • Question board
  • Topic summary
  • Share weblinks
  • Sort and classify images on a Promethean Board
Users can:
  • Type
  • Record voice
  • Add a photo or document

How to Use Padlet in Teaching:

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Use Symbaloo to create visual bookmarks related to subject areas that allow your students to gain quick access to websites.


Collect real-time formative assessment from students without any student devices.


This innovative website lets you take almost any video off the web and edit the length, add your audio, and post questions for students while they view it...for FREE. The teacher view shows you which students have watched the videos and how they answered your questions.

Demo Edpuzzle

New Google File Feature! Now You Can Set Expiration Dates on Access to Shared Items

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