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Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, December 11, 2015 A Week in Review

My father in law is a Geologist and works for DNR. He offered to come and talk about soil, rocks and fossils with our class. The kids did a great job asking appropriate questions and showing how well behaved North School Kids are!!

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I know that a contraction is a shorter way to say what you need to say. *I know that an apostrophe takes the place of a letter in a contraction.

Reading: *I can compare and contrast two versions of a fairy tale. *I can compare and contrast the characters, setting and the plot of those fairy tales. *I can use a variety of graphic organizers to compare and contrast.

Writing: * I can determine when to use an or a next to a noun in my writing. (This week we took some of our writing time to show compassion. We made cards for an friend who had surgery, cards for the nursing home residents, and thank you's for our guest speaker.)

Science/Social Studies: *I can determine the properties of soil. *I know that soil is the loose material that covers the Earth. *I can use my Science Journal to observe and describe soil samples just like a scientist! *I can be a good listener when a speaker is talking.

Math:* I can characterize even and odd numbers as those that do or do not make groups of two (partners) and two equal groups (teams). *I can identify coins and their values. *I can combine coins to a total of 50cents. *I can use an effective way to count a number of objects over 30.

Items for next Week-

Look for a study guide to come home on Wednesday for a test on Friday over soil, rocks and fossils. There will also be some vocabulary pages that we have been working on. Those will also come home as a study aid!

December Character Trait-Compassion

Caring about others

Upcoming Events

Dec 16- Major Savers Ends; School Store

Dec 22- Winter Breakfast, Read in and 3 hour early dismissal


Jan 5- School Resumes