Robert Hill

By Sarah Anne Hill

Robert in His Football Uniform

Robert's football uniform is a mesh, firetruck red jersey with his last name Hill written on the back in white and the number 3 under it in black. On the front it has bulldoggs and the number 3 in black. His padded pants are white get grass and dirt stuck in them and turn a dark brownish green. His black cleats have neon yellow laces that stand out on the field against the green grass. His white Riddell helmet has a black WB sticker on it that stands for Winder Barrow.
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How to make Robert Mad

First, to make Robert mad he makes you mad. In other words, he locks the bathroom door that connects to your room and doesn't unlock it. Second, you go in through the door in the hall to enter the bathroom. Next, you lock his door, or to be more sneaky close the door and lock the sliding door that goes to the toilet and shower. Then, get in a yelling fight about locking bathroom doors.
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Robert's Friends

All of my brother's friends left Holsenbeck at about the same time. The 3 boys who left were Robert's best friends, they played every day on the playground. Because they left, Robert had to make new friends. They consisted of the boys on his football team. All though he stilled missed his old friends, Robert had made new friends.

Robert vs. Me

Although Robert and I are twins we have different personalities and interests. Robert plays football and basketball. While, I play soccer and basketball, I'm afraid of balls. I dance and play violin, but Robert doesn't do any activities that involve music. I love reading, but Robert doesn't enjoy reading. We are twins and have similarities but we are very different people.
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