Corrupt Law Enforcement

Has our law enforcement system become corrupt?

Background Information

A big question in our society lately has been Is our law enforcement system corrupt? In 2011,only 56 percent of people that took a survey said that law enforcement had high ethical standards. This shows that about 40 percent of people think the law enforcement departments have low standards. The Ferguson case and many others like it are examples of arguments over police corruption.In these cases the police are accused of wrong doing and are not given what the people think of as a fair punishment and then arguments break out.
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Law Enforcers Tear Down a Poppy Field

Causes of police corruption

  • Police lose integrity or honesty
  • stories of police doing something wrong become prominent and draw a lot of attention
  • they are given the power to stop, arrest and detain ordinary people and these powers can get out of hand
  • some starts with relationships and relations to "bad" people
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Effects of police corruption

  • sometimes this results in criminals thinking they have a lesser chance of getting caught
  • many times people question the police in their area
  • makes people think that all police are bad
  • can limit the amount of things people will do that the police say to do
  • can differ other police's viewing of any law
  • changes the public viewing of police

Police in Los Angeles

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Police training in South Africa


Though we blame a lot of corruption on the police there are few instances where the police are actually bad. Many times one story comes out then people draw all attention to that story, but in general the police are usually here to protect not hurt us. I'm not saying there's no such thing as law enforcement being corrupt, but in the US I don't think we have to worry too much about it. Yes, we've all heard about huge cases like the Ferguson case, but that does not mean that all police are corrupt. In other countries though, police corruption happens almost every day. I think we should spend less time worrying about our country ,which is pretty well protected right now, and turn our attention to countries whose police do whatever they want and people are hurt a lot.


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