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The Cyber Fight in the Web

Our words are like knifes, they hurt. Cyberbullyng is like being stabbed all day long. It really hurts. Nobody deserves being hurt like that. That is why we have to stiop cyberbullying.
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How to stop cyberbullying?

Cyberbully occurs mostly in social medias. The social medias have upgreated themselves. Now these medias include blocking, following and ignoring. They are enough to stop cyberbullying. People just need to use their minds.
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Ways of cyber bullying

Cyberstalking - Cyberstalking is a common form of cyber bullying. It can be very scary and annoying to be cyber bullied because it is the type of bullying that involves someone individually sending messages through text messages, emails, or social media messages. These messages could either be threatening, rude, or just plain trying to hurt the person’s feelings.

Flaming - Flaming is also a very common form of bullying that can be very hurtful to the victim. This specific form of bullying involves the correspondences of using electronic communications as a method to bully. Bullying through this method can be done in chat rooms, instant messages and even through email. This is sort of a public type of bullying where you are publicly bullied online. Flaming refers to the arguments which are supplemented with certain images to drive annoyance and harsh language toward someone.

Exclusion - Exclusion is the type of bullying that occurs whenever someone is singled out then excluded from an online group. This group in turn will then do whatever they can online to taunt the excluded person through rude text messages and emails.

Outing - Outing on the other hand occurs when individuals shares unique yet private information that uses mobile phone or online communication methods. This person will then be “outed” once his private information has been shared publicly through the Internet.

Masquerading - Masquerading is also a very common type of cyber bullying that is more of a sophisticated type of cyber bullying where the individual creates fakes identities to harass another person unanimously while at the same time hiding their identity. Masquerading will even include attempts to seriously steal log-in information to them use the information with harassing other people without having to show their identity.

If you are one of many parents or people who are just interested in learning more about cyber bullying, then the information above may have broaden your mind with the different kinds of bullying. Remember, even if a child may not seem like they’re being bullied, it doesn’t mean they aren’t so you need to do whatever you can to stop bullying from the source to prevent it from ever happening again.

Harassment - Involves bulyying by sending awful messages repeated multiple times. May be threatening and rude messages.

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Rules on Basic Safety

Don't respond: If someone bullies, you know your reactions, it gives power over you

Don't retaliate: Getting back at the bully turns you into one and reinforces the bully's behavior.

Save the evidence: Harassment messages can be captured

Read more rules.....

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Rebeca Sedwick

Rebeca Sedwick was a gilr who was cyberbullied for a long time. She was threatened, insulted and even told to kill herself. Eventually, she took her life away by jumping off a building. After, the girl who cyberbullied Rebeca said that she did not even care she made Rebeca killed herself.
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Cyber Bullying Virus


You should never cyberbully someone else because you do not know what they are going through. Life is precious and you should never make someone else take their own life!!
Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Lyric Video)


VALUES; The main values we need for the web are: Trustworthyness: Be trusting and if someone shares something with you you have to keep it to yourself. Respect : Respect others and their desitions. Caring: Care for others and protect them if they are being bullyed
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