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March 11 - March 22

Our Next Week...

March 11

Daylight Savings Time

March 11-15

Have an awesome Spring Break!!

March 12

Happy Birthday Courtney Sullivan!

Monday, March 18

Mya’s Coaching Day

3rd – 5th verify grades by 10:00am

Skating 101 4th & 5th grade all week

Tuesday, March 19

Minor’s Coaching Day

Mya’s Off Campus (Principal’s Mtg)

Wednesday, March 20

Mya's Coaching Day

Popcorn Day

Kg verify grades by 10:00am

SLT Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, March 21

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

3rd – 5th Character Ed Awards 7:45am

Dowser Dan Assembly 2nd grade 1:15pm

Reflections Awards Ceremony 6:00-7:30pm

Happy Birthday Margaret Dawson!

Friday, March 22

Kinder – 2nd Character Ed Awards 7:45am

CAT mtg. 8:50am

4th grade trip to the Alamo

SST’s 3rd – 5th

Saturday, March 23

Celebration of Families 9:30-3:30 @ Stony Point HS

RRISD Music Festival @ PAC

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Keri Thrift, star teacher and librarian ...our STAR Teacher of the Week! We appreciate all you do for your students and our learning community! You are entitled to a five-day jeans pass and an opportunity to park in the space designated all next week! Thank you for all you do for our Star Texan community, Keri!

Congratulations to our PBIS Shining Stars this week:

S-Ms. Jan Meyer

T-Ms. Debby Murray

A-Ms. Tracie Johnson

R-Ms. Kelly Peters

Our Shining STAR Wand went to 5th Grade! Keep up the stellar work!!

BIG THANKS to Virginia, Andrea, Leslie, David, Marlena and Minor for sharing your time and service during our Campus Beautification Day last Saturday!

HUGE APPRECIATIONS to the OTE Office Team for your hard work and planning another successful Family Fit Night! We surpassed last year's turn out with over 50 families participating and 12 of these families went away with some really good door prizes! What an awesome evening it was! I had two students approach me this morning to thank me for holding the event! Too precious!

Did you know our Kitchen staff reported 100% A+ for their most recent Health Inspection? Way to go Barbara Blanton and team!!

Many of you are holding tutorials before and after school during the week. Thank each of you so much for your dedication, service and commitment to helping each of our students achieve academic success! You truly embody the district's motto of "Every student will learn...whatever it takes!" You are amazing!!!

Remember to appreciate someone today!

Hope you take time to do something stress free this Spring Break!

Out & About...

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called 'truth'. -Dan Rather

Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old app developer

Enrichment Tips of the Week...

Have you ever sat through a meeting or training and felt frustrated because you already knew the material? Did you feel it was a waste of your time, so zoned out? That is how many of our higher level and gifted students feel. The article below gives six easy tips to create a pretest so that our children have an opportunity to learn something new or dig deeper into the topic. Pretest only need to be around 10 questions and the teacher Moodle has everything you need to create one. Come see Sunny and I if you would like help getting one started or ideas for what to do with the kids who test out. http://www.byrdseed.com/six-traits-of-quality-pre-assessments/?icn=best

Have you ever wondered how you could include creativity into your curriculum? In the article at http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/feb13/vol70/num05/Assessing-Creativity.aspx you will find a variety of ideas and even a creativity rubric!

--Tracey & Sunny

Tech Tools...

Check Out...

http://www.teachthought.com/ to learn more about the latest trends in technology!

Also check out this comprehensive site that provides support, strategies and systems to handle nearly every student behavior known to man! http://www.pbisworld.com/

Professional Library: Resource of the Week!

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The Week After...

Monday, March 25

Mya’s Coaching Day

3rd – 5th verify grades by 10:00am

Picture orders due today

Camp Write-A-Lot 4th grade 9:00am

Tuesday, March 26

Minor’s Coaching day

Mya’s Off Campus (Fort Worth Job Fair)

Report cards go home today

TELPAS Testing

Wednesday, March 27

Mya's Coaching Day

Faculty Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, March 28

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

3rd – 5th Character Ed Awards 7:45am

Principal’s Coffee 8:00am

Camp Write-A-Lot 9:00am & 1:00pm

Friday, March 29

Spring Holiday!

Happy Birthday Paula Eason!

Old Town Elementary

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