The Best of The Best

Author Tim Green

Summary of the Book

The book The Best of The best is about a kid named josh and baseball for him is his life. His dad pushes him so hard to be the best of the best because he knows how hard it is to make to the MLB because he actually was in the MLB. But Josh can do something he was never done before which is go to the Little League World Series. But josh has to decided on if he wants to join a Little League Team where he knows nobody on the team besides his best friend Benji. When he decides he wants to do the Little League team he realizes that his dads girlfriend that he does not like his sons on the team so he thinks this team is a joke. So Josh needs to make a choice does he want to step up a be a leader for his team to have a chance at the Little League World Series.

Book Reviews

Best of The Best is an inspiring sports book about an athlete battling family issues. In this book Josh LeBlanc is a great baseball player for his travel team, the Titans. His Dad is the coach of that team and they had just won a big tournament in Maryland. However, all is not well in the LeBlanc household. Josh's mother and father are contemplating divorce and it is taking a toll on Josh. Josh's father moves out of the house and Josh is trying to juggle his family, his team, and his friends at the same time. I really liked this book because it deals with relatable topics such as divorce. This book was really enjoyable for me because the book has many plot twists. TIm Green writes a very good narrative about an adolescent athlete coping with family problems. I would recommend this book to any sports fan because the sport's scenes are very good

I read the book Best of the Best by Tim Green. It is about a boy named Josh who is around 12-13 years old who plays baseball for a team called the Titans. Over the summer his dad asks him if he wants to play little league, to which he says only if Benji does too. After the season is over they both have played in enough games to qualify for the all-star team. They both end up making it and they win districts and move on. There goal is to make it to Williamsport for the little league World Series, but to do that they have to win districts, state, and the regionals to go to the World Series. After they win districts his father breaks the news to him that his parents are getting a divorce, and to make matters worse Josh doesn't like his dad's new girlfriend and she is the mother of one of his teammates who Josh and his teammates can't stand. Although in the end Josh and his teammates begin to like him.
This was probably one of my favorite books I have ever read. It had a lot of action and surprising turnouts. This book kept me on the edge of my seat because you didn't know what was going to happen next, and it kept me reading.
I would recommend this book to people who enjoy baseball or sports in general. It was a very good book so I think you would like it.

The Main Character

The Main character if you don't know who it is after the book review and the summary it is Josh. He is 12 years old and he loves baseball. Some say he is the best baseball player in his town. His best friend is Benji and he is also on the Little League Team with Josh. But Their is a more important thing going on in the book which is parents are going to get divorced. Which Josh is fears about because he thinks his dad is going to move in with this real state lady that Josh does not like at all and the lady son is on Josh's team as well so .He thinks this Little League Team is just a set up for them to get together.

The Author Tim Green

Tim Green is New York's Bestseller for twelve novels. His writing Career started at Syracuse University he was a Rossman Scholar for humanities. He was NCAA top six scholar. Also during college he played football . He received All American honors and Introduced into the College Football Hall of Fame. His career did not stop there he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1986 they drafted him in the first round. He was a star defensive end for eight years in Atlanta. After his football career he wrote columns for USA Today and was ask to write for sports illustrated and Los Angeles Times. But Know he helps couch middle school and high school football to help raise money for Golisano Children's Hospital.

Recommendation for this book

This book is the best baseball book i have ever read yet. This book is what ever boy dream at the age between the age 11-14 years old that likes baseball which is what it takes to make it to the Little League World Series. And during this book shows what it takes skilled wise and while this journey he has to come over his parents getting divorced. This book should be read by every baseball fan or if you like a great story.


The Setting is usually at the Baseball Field or at Josh's house. At the Baseball field josh plays all around his city to get to state for baseball. And at his house his parent are usually fighting about something. And are on the edge of getting divorced.