By: Austin Blevins

Facts and Stats- Auschwitz 1 & 2

Opened- 1940 (Auschwitz 1)
Auschwitz 2 opened in 1941

At it's peak, Auschwitz covered 40 square kilometers

Around 1.1 million people were sent to Auschwitz, but only around 200 thousand of them were accepted as workers and prisoners.

Life in the camp

Life in the camp was very hard to say the least. The prisoners were given clothes that often did not fit, and were tattooed before they were sent to work. Prisoners were sent through a dehumanizing process before they did anything else, and when people had heard what had happened to their family and friends who had been sent to the left, broke down.

Auschwitz 2- Facts

Home to around 125,000 prisoners its first year opened.
It served as a center of extermination for the camp, and a majority of the prisoners, around 90%, were sent here to be killed while in the camp.