ActivInspire: Importing Files

last updated 10/6/2020

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Importing into ActivInspire

You can import existing PDFs and PowerPoint files from your computer or the Shared Drive to use and edit in Promethean ActivInspire.
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Importing PDFs

Import PDF


  • Lock the PDF object so it does not move (right-click the page, and choose Lock).

  • Zoom with the Zoom box in the upper-right corner of the screen, NOT by changing the image size.
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Importing PowerPoints

Import a PowerPoint into ActivInspire

PowerPoint TIPS:

If you receive an error message when importing a PowerPoint file, try one of these Promethean suggested workarounds:

  • Rename the PowerPoint file to something shorter and resave (such as test.ppt rather than test document 23.ppt)

  • Remove spaces from the PowerPoint file name.

  • Try saving the PowerPoint file to your desktop or a USB drive.

  • Copy all slides within a PowerPoint file and paste them into a new PowerPoint file, resave.
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