Animal Rights

By: Libby Osvick

Giving To those in need

Yes, By "those" I do mean animals. Now I'm not just talking about dogs or cats I'm talking about all animals. There are over 115 million – mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others – killed by laboratory experiments every year, Not to mention dog fights around the globe. But lets start small for just $25 at DFW Rescue Me for dogs you change a dogs life for the better. Check it out and make a puppies day.

There cries our voices

Animals all over the globe are in need of a voice, There are tons of animal shelters all over the globe to donate to and/ or adopt animals. There are 281,225 homeless animals in coppell, tx. Go to to donate or adopt and give an animal a voice.
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Animal rights organizations