Mississippi Delta


Fact #1:The Mississippi delta is at the mouth of the Mississippi river.

Fact #2:The delta is one of the largest costal wetlands.

Fact #3:Created by deposited sediment carried by the Mississippi river.

Fact #4:An unstable place to be.

Fact #5:An safe home for animals.

How was the Mississippi formed?

The Mississippi delta was formed over 7,000 years in a process called the delta cycle. When sediment starts to deposit underwater plants start to grow and a delta starts to form. A series of deltaic lobes formed over 7,000-8,000 years. Over the centuries the delta formation slowed down.

How it is today.

Rivers get bigger after a while and when the do they flood their surroundings. Rivers erode rocks in their path leaving a rocky bottom. Small streams join with bigger rivers. Then rivers start getting even bigger. River start to curve or start changing course. Then after a while a delta starts forming.


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