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Congratulations Team Richardson! Week One is Done!

Welcome to our online newsletter. Here, you will find what our class in learning, pictures from our week and important dates and events.

What We're Learning

English Language Arts

This week we worked on setting up our Classroom's Daily 5. Ask your students to tell you about the rotations (centers) we will be doing daily. The kiddos are building stamina during our Read to Self rotation and have already made it to 13 uninterrupted minutes of reading! Way to go kiddo's.

Next week we will continue to work on setting up the Daily 5 while diving in to more Patricia Pollaco books and exploring reading and listening standard RL 4.3.

RL 4.3: Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character's thoughts, words, or actions).


We didn't waste much time getting right into math, and our class is doing fantastic. This week we reviewed Place Value, and the students were introduced to the millions place. This was so exciting, we are working on perfecting standard, expanded and word forms of numbers (4.NBT.2). We will continue with this standard next week and start looking at NBT.1: Recognizing that in a multi-digit whole number, a digit in a one place represents ten times what it represents in the place to it's right.

Once we get into our routine for math I will introduce a math contract for the kiddos to work on during the week. The students have previewed the contract, and they are so excited for all the choices they have. The contract will be a resource for students to keep up with their assignments for the week, while giving them choices for how they practice what we are learning.

We also squeezed in a multiplication test so I could gage how fluent the students are with multiplication facts. As I explained to the class.... we have a lot of room for improvement! Any time you have a free minute please work with them on multiplication facts, most students are fluent through the 5's. I made a deal with the class and if they can all learn their facts through 12 by Christmas Break we will have a giant ice cream party! Knowing their facts will help them tremendously in math this year, we will be doing a lot of multi-digit multiplication and division and knowing facts will make this much, much easier. I set up accounts for students on Xtra math and the login was sent home on Friday. This site will help the students learn their facts and is a great way to help them build on their fluency.

Take a look at our kiddo's rocking partner work!

Social Studies

Next week we will start Social Studies, we begin by learning about of very own state, the great North Carolina. We will start by looking at the historical significance of people, places, buildings, statues, and monuments of NC. Stay tuned for our class North Carolina quilt!
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Team Building

Click the link below to see how our class "Saved Fred"


Important Dates

Let's make next week great!

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