Perpetrator's name, crime, description, and aliases.

poliomyelitis or polio is a crippling potentially fatal infectious disease.

Crime: Polio in rare cases causes paralysis in the arms or legs. But more often than not people carrying the virus will just suffer from minor symptoms such as headaches, fever, and other minor symptoms.

Polio's is composed of RNA, and its viral structure is Influenza .

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M.O.," victims", and "hide out"

Polio virus attaches to the Motor neuron cells membrane and replicates inside of it destroying the Motor Neuron cell . Motor neurons control important muscles needed for swallowing , walking and other needed muscles.

Victims:Polio can infect just about anyone who eats or drinks anything that is infected with someone else's excrement, and anyone traveling certain parts of Africa are at risk for contracting polio.

damage done by Polio and ways to prevent it.

In the 1940's and early 1950's 35000 people were crippled by polio yearly. one of these people was the 32nd president of America Franklin D Roosevelt.

There is no cure for polio but it can be prevented with the polio vaccine and being hygienic.




By: Craig Hamor, Devin Peters, and Dakota Peters